Babel Beatles XLVII: Don't Pass Me By

I hear your steps
Input unit
Listen to your tracks
But not
Meanwhile her lover to play
In front of my old house
I do not listen
This means that you do not want

I hear the clock a’ticking
Above the fireplace
See hands a’moving
But I’m single
I wonder where are you tonight
Because I am alone
I do not see you
This means that you do not want

Do not leave me, I’m not sorry I’m sad
Cause you know darling I love only you
You never know how it hurts
I hate to see you go
Do not leave me I do not cry

Sorry I’ve questioned
I was so wrong
You were in a car accident
And you lost your hair
You said you delayed
About an hour or two
So I said yes, I’m here waiting
Waiting to hear from you

(Entrada número 47 en el proyecto Babel Beatles)